Favorite Fall Decor Ideas

There are so many ways in which you can decorate for fall.  Whether you have a home + and you decorate outdoors + as well as indoors + or just a small condo like myself + there are all sorts of ways to create little vignettes + and pockets of decor throughout your home for the season.  With just a few items you can give your home an autumn feel that’s cozy. Here are a few items I’ve gathered that can bring that style of fall.


1. Modern Farmhouse Blanket
You really don’t have to spend any money for this if you can shop your house. I lucked out and got a really cheap one for about $12 bucks + but I know I’m primarily using this for decor.  Blanket [especially the buffalo check] are very popular and can be used indoors or out.  Draped across a chair + or bench with a few pumpkins + and a cute sign will make a really nice vignette. It can also be draped on a basket with pumpkins + and a small hay stack.

2. Pumpkins
Now I love pumpkins real + and faux. I have several now but the problem with that is storage. I’ve found that buying a few real small pumpkins work better because when your done you can discard them. Around the beginning of September they’re really cheap … but if you wait until mid to end October they will be scarce.

TIP: To make your pumpkins last soak them in a solution of a little borax and dish soap + scrub them really well + and let dry. – [image + pexels]

3. Bushel Basket or Plain Basket
Baskets can be found in a variety of outlets on the cheap. Thrift stores are a great place to find a basket + or if you prefer to pay a little more for something … Hobby Lobby + and Micheals have a great selection … and they both have sales going on right now for all fall decor. Baskets work really well to create a vignette of pumpkins and gourds + or apples with a small hay stack.

4. Hello Fall Sign
Nothing says fall like a cute sign announcing it’s arrival. I have one here as a sample but if your crafty you can make your own + or you can always shop your house for a frame + and get a free printable for fall. I have a small wood block sign for my entryway + but I would really like something just a little larger in my living area. I’m thinking of thrifting a tray and trying out a DIY I posted last Friday.

5. Straw Hay Bale I think bales can be used in a variety of ways. I know that they are messy + the longer they stay out + but I’m really excited to use them in my decor. I got two small stacks for $2.97 at AC Moore. Walmart also has some good deals if your looking for something larger for your front porch.

So there it is + my mini list for fall. I’m hoping to get to the thrift store again this weekend for a really small list of things as well as drop of some more donations. I figure that I shouldn’t be bringing things in + if I’m not also taking things out.

Thanks so much for taking some time to visit my blog today. — Peace

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Sunday Journal: Chit-Chat … 52 List for Happiness [List 5]

Sunday Journal: Chit-Chat … 52 List for Happiness [List 5]

Hello Friends and Happy Sunday.  It’s been a pretty mild week + and I’m just loving that everyone is on vacation so my job is more relaxed + and there’s been an ease about everything.  I’ve cleaned out files + and cabinets at work + so when I come back in September from my stay-cation everything is ready to go.  I finished my bedroom closets last week + donated some old clothes this weekend + and next week I’ll focus on my living area.

This week is List #5 which ask … “List the Best Choices You Have Made In Your Life So Far”.  Wow a list of best choices + this was easy and hard.  It challenged me to think about my life as a whole and pick out the very best things that have impacted my life.  Some of those choices still challenge me + but I believe that’s what life is.  I want to challenge myself + to be my best self + and bring this out in others.


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