Hum-Drum Friday

Yes it’s Friday + and I am excited for the weeks end + but I am feeling a bit under the weather.  It has been a busy week for me at work so I didn’t get to snap too many pics of my week.  I am however beginning to up my Halloween Decor + because I don’t that long to enjoy it.  So yes my weekend plan … sleep + tea + decorate … repeat.  I feel like I’ve been gone every single weekend so it will be nice to just be still.

I also [and I’m very proud] finally added my Facebook page for this blog.  It’s been a long time coming and I know that I’m always late to the party … but just because I’m late doesn’t mean I can turn up a little.  I’ve also had fun … yes fun making my FB Header for the site which kinda mirrors my branding board …. [Go Me!]… enough of my yakking here’s my week in my rear-view.

Oct 12 week.jpg

[1] Finally got Stephen King’s Outsiders for my B-Day + and I’m loving it so far [2] Work festivities and awards so of course cake was in order [3] I love my co-workers and they saved the best for last + this card was really appreciated [4] Last Friday night was my B-Day Dinner date at Jackson 20 [5] More B-Day fun + and can I say it’s nice to have your BF take care of your aching feet and [6] Trying to shake loose whatever is starting to take hold by nursing my sore throat.

Since I’m pretty sure I’m staying home this weekend aside from the grocery store and a Target run … I’m hoping to work on some crafts + here are some great Halloween crafts for your weekend.


1. Paper Coffin Treat Box + Lia Griffith
2. Floating Witch Hat Luminaries + Polka Dot Chair
3. Candy Door Hanger + Cherished Bliss
4. Apothecary Labels + Lia Griffith
5. Sugar Skull Wreath + The Craft Sparrow

Thanks so much for visiting my blog today + I really appreciate the love … don’t forget to “like” + “follow” + and or “comment” … and stop by my Facebook page. — Peace —

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Halloween Party Playlist

Halloween Party Playlist

You know it was coming + and I know I’m such a nerd [which is perfectly ok] but who else already has a playlist on Tidal ready for the October season.   I’ve actually had mine for a few years now + and it’s taken some back and forth to get it just the way I like it.

So here is my October-Halloween-ish playlist.

Halloween Playlist 2018 (1)