styleTREND | Retro Black

Hello Friends … and Happy Friday … Happy 3-Day Weekend.  Ok yes there is some bragging there but I need this.  I hope everyone has a great day to the start of their weekend … what are you doing?  I’m going to see Ready Player One + while it’s not my first choice I’m going because my Butterscotch King asked me [now that’s compromise] + and I’m saving some other movies for “B” because we are doing this movie-manicure date [one of these days]…and now I’m rambling … we know the real purpose is being able to post a style board crafted just for my blog.  So … whatever you do be safe and have a good one.




styleTREND | Overall Casual

It’s the weekend + I know your glad it’s hear + because that means you can unwind + decompress. When I think about relaxing + overalls come to mind + dress them up or down + they are making a comeback in different styles + and fabrics.  I can’t wait to bring my pair home.



styleTREND: Over Alls