September Favorites

Hello Friends + I know I’m a bit late but I’m rounding up my September favorites.  This is my short list of all things that I’ve been enjoying for the past month.  So let’s get started…

SEPTEMBER roundup (1)

Andelou Naturals Turmeric + C Serum | Amazon + I’m at the point where I’ve become kinda picky about serums.  I’m always looking for something that will even out my skin + and help brighten + and fade my acne scars [that post is coming] + but I’ve been enjoying the Andelou Naturals Turmeric + C Enlightening Serum since the end of August + and I simply love it.  A little goes a long way with this serum + and while it’s not instant I do see a difference in the evenness of my skin.

As I Am Naturally Leave in Conditioner | Target + I love the As I Am Naturally line + and my hair loves the smoothing gel + and the curling jelly.  I got this product not just use as a leave in + but to help define my curls on my dry hair.  It’s also good for de-tangling which I never had a problem with when my hair was shorter but now that it’s longer I need all the help I can get.  It has a nice scent that’s not overpowering + it’s a light texture and it leaves no residue or greasy feeling.

Nest Citrine | Sephora + The Nest line has been hit or miss with me + but there are a few that I’m in love with.  One of them is the Citrine scent.  It’s crisp … citrus scent will remind you of summer.  I just dab a little behind my ears and on my back + and wrist. Just a small amount will last through my 8-hour days.

Method Body | Target + Method has really upped it’s game with their body washes. I remember the older bottle being really small + and let’s be real … that little bottle would be gone in a week.  The new packaging sports a larger bottle [which I love] and the scent is much more toned town down than I remember.  It was so strong it would make us sneeze. The Energy Boost has a nice crisp scent.  I’ve also tried the Detox + and the Simply Nourish scent.  My diabetic skin loves this body wash.

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August Favorites [Round-up]

Hello friends!  September is here and it’s time for my August roundup.  Here is the small list of things I’ve been enjoying this past month.

August Favorites

1. Diabetic Living
Back in June I posted a summer wish list + and on that list was Diabetic Meals to Plate + because I was really looking for some additional dishes to add to my meals. However as most of you know Diabetes isn’t just about eating … it’s a lifestyle. So I came across this magazine last month and I’ve been going through mag as it gives advice on not just what you eat + but how you eat + and how that relates to how you feel about what you ate.  I love the articles that promote a healthy lifestyle + and well being.

2. Paper Destiny Candles + Papyrus
Candles are always in season + as Bath + Body Works [as well as other stores] have a wide selection of candle scents.  Most of what I found [in late summer] was over-powering as every scent was doing it’s best to replicate summer. I love most of the fall and winter scents + but everything I tried made my nose burn. I actually came across these candles while buying a card at Papyrus. It’s a small candle + but I’ve been burning it all month long and it’s still going strong. Unfortunately these candles are no longer available in store + but I’ll be on the look-out and pass on the links if I find them.

3. Born To Glow Highlighting Palette + NYXSelfHighlight
I’m in love with highlights + and I’ve been looking at this NYX “Born to Glow” for some time as it was also in my Summer Wish List. I have nothing but good things to say about this product + and how it pairs with my skin.

Packed with shimmery pearls that catch, reflect and refract the natural light, each creamy powder blends seamlessly into the skin and spotlights your features with an intense glow. It includes six silky shades which can be applied alone, or layered together for a multi-dimensional strobe effect. [Source: Ulta Beauty]

4. Nut Butter Energy Bites + Chef Savvy
This quick go-to snack has been my everything last month [and still on-going] you just need five ingredients [check the link] and you can modify or change them to your liking. Just two bites [balls] in the morning with coffee will keep my stomach from growling. Or after a workout + because you need the protein … they’re also great for that 2pm dip that most folks get in the afternoon. If you try them out + post it in the comments.

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[images + by Wyetha | collage + canva]

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July Favorites [roundup]

Hello Friends! August is upon us so it’s time for my July round up. I feel that Summer is a time where I’m sticking to my guns.  I haven’t tried too many new products this month + as I’m enjoying taking it easy. I’m finding that I don’t require any new products as my hair is in a protective style + and it’s been to hot to fuss with a lot of make-up. So enough rambling … let’s get to it.


1. Cantu Root Relief
Since my hair has been in a faux locs protective style for the past few weeks + I’m really loving Cantu’s root relief. It’s not a dry shampoo but a gel that I massage onto my scalp with a warm cloth. The combination of apple cider vinegar + and peppermint really make my scalp feel cool and refreshed. I recommend this for all braided hair styles.

2. Flume + Warm Thoughts
This album has several great songs + but Warm Thoughts is in rotation on my playlist + I listen to it every morning … no words + just music + and it get’s me out of my head.

3. Victoria’s Secret + Coconut Passion Body Spray
Keeping with the lighter theme of a no fuss summer + I’ve really been heavily using this body spray.  It’s a really sweet scent.  Keep in mind it doesn’t last all day but will last longer if you shower right before as most sprays + and perfumes really adhere to the skin. I love this scent + and it’s perfect for the summer.

4. Smoothies
Yes it’s a strange thing + but I’ve been loving smoothies this July. I’m not talking about your Roebeks or Smoothie King smoothies [and they are good] + but a good old homemade one. They are extremely healthy + and provide that heat relief. The possibilities are endless as varieties go + because I make my own. It’s my perfect goto after exercise + or as an afternoon treat. Now I can’t have one everyday because sugar is sugar when you have diabetes + but it’s natural sugar + and I can’t beat that. What I make is simple…just pineapple coconut water + a dark berry frozen mix + with frozen strawberries + a ripe banana + with chia and flax seed … and wallah! Frosty goodness.
[image Kaboompics + Pexels]

IMG_57975. Joules Wellibob Rainboot + Amazon
We have definitely hit the rainy season here in the DC area [it’s been raining off and on for 2 weeks] + and I’ve really needed some rain boots. I did check the stores in person and after my frustration of going to 4 stores including REI + and being told … “their not in season” … I went strait to Amazon.  I found the Joules Wellibob Bootie that come in a variety of colors + and the inside is really flattering.  I would suggest a gel insole to help cushion your feet.  I’m a size 9 + and mine fit great … I know the sizing rainboots can be tricky. I’m told at the shoe store that if a shoe doesn’t come in half sizes the regular size fits bigger.  I love mine + and I will be wearing them in the fall as well.

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