52 List For Happiness Archive

Hello!  This is a collection of journal entries for my regular Sunday post of 52 List for Happiness by Moorea Seal.  See my journey from List 1.

List #1 – List What Makes You Happy Right Now
List #2 – List The Routines in Your Personal Life and Work
List #3 – List The Things That You Are Really Good At
List #4 – List the things that get you out of your head
List #5 – List the Best Choices You Have Made In Your Life So Far
List #6 – List the Things (from your past and present) that feel like blockades in the way of happiness
List #7 – List the Greatest Compliments and Encouragement You Have Ever Been Given
List #8 – List The Things You Like That Do Not Require Technology
List #9 – List all the little things that happened today that brought you joy
List #10 – List The Ways That You feel Lucky
List #11 – List the Things That Made You Happy As A Child
List #12 – List the people that make you feel happy
List #13 – List The Things In Your Life You Are Actually Able To Control
List #14 – List everything you feel passionate about
List #15 – List the things you want to say no to
List #16 – List the experiences that have made you feel you are living life to the fullest
List #17 – List the Movies + Books + and TV Shows that make you feel happy
List #18 – List the things about yourself that you don’t need to change
List #19 – List the ways that you think someone you love would describe you
List #20 – List the happiest people you know
List #21 – List the best opportunities that others have given you throughout your life