Sunday Journal: Chit-Chat … 52 List for Happiness [#24]

Hello Friends! … and Happy sanctified Sunday. It’s been a great week here in the DMV, as my area is bracing for a major snowstorm this weekend.  Snow brings a sense of panic to folks in my area, as people are frantically shopping for items they don’t need.  I’ve never understood why all the bread and milk is always gone … cause yeah … if you’re snowed in for a few days you want your slice of bread and your glass of milk. [lol] We have never been snowed in for more than 3-days [that I can recall], and even then the dedicated staff at the supermarkets are there and ready to help you with your shopping needs.

I just love snow, there’s something in the clarity of bright white, and how snow muffles sound.  What is it about colors that spark a memory or a mood.  This weeks list #24 asks … List every color you can think of and what mood you associate with each color.img_6977_edit

  • Yellow + Energy
  • Blue + Calm
  • Gray + Soothing
  • White + Clarity
  • Black + Creativity
  • Green + Fresh Eager
  • Orange + Focus
  • Brown + Confusion
  • Red + Anger
  • Purple + Confidence
  • Pink + Love
  • Tan or Beige + Loneliness

TAKE ACTION:  Focus on your happiest color this week.  Every time you see that color, acknowledge the feeling that it brings you and make it a goal to bring that color into more elements of your favorite space.

This is a take action “Take Action” that I enjoy because this talks about bringing the colors that you associate with happiness into your space. [and if you’ve been following me for a time, you know that I love anything that deals with DIY, and decor]  This can be in your bedroom so you see them every night before you go to bed, and it’s the first thing you see in the morning.  Have you ever wondered why so many kitchens in the 70s were yellow?  This is because yellow was associated with positive energy, and is meant to be illuminating and uplifting.

Colors not only hold an association to mood, but colors also can be associated with a memory.  While I did list orange as a focus association, I also associate orange with my youth because when I was a teenager, I loved that color, and my Dad painted an orange accent wall in my bedroom.  I also believe that color and mood association change over time, and that’s because you’re always introducing your mind, and your senses to new things to build this association.

ruskin quote color

So if you love gray, add some artwork or decorative knick-knacks throughout your home, so you pass it every day… and in passing it you evoke that happiness or the memory behind the purchase.

With that + I’ll close my post today.  The 52 List for Happiness Journal is available on Amazon.  Last year I gave away  3 copies on my Blog-A-Versary so I’m hoping to gift more copies at another benchmark.  Thanks so much for visiting my blog + and with each post in this series  + I hope that I can bring some of my happiness to others + because if you have happiness in your heart + then you spread that happiness to others. – [Know Thyself] Wye

[header photo | Moyo Studio + Creative Market]

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