Happy First Friday of 2019!

Hello Friends, and Happy Friday.  This week has flown by, and I feel like I just typed this same sentence just a few days ago.  Time flies when you take a few days off, and if I was at work it would be crawling.  No matter I’m enjoying this short time I have to relax.

I’m also packing up my Christmas decor which is bittersweet, because I’m ready to clear my space, but I loved my decorations and I put a lot of work into them.  However, I do have all year to plan next Christmas and make my home [where ever that is] just as beautiful.  Here’s a quick recap of this week.


Starting clockwise from [center] All my bottle brushed trees [1] I got this FA-LA-LA sign at Target’s dollar spot many years ago [2] The Home Body book was gifted to me by my daughter, as well as [3] This beautiful purse|wallet that I saw when we went to Madewell in September [4] This tote bag also from Madewell [5] Bath Salt and Whipped Body Butter from Among the Flowers and [6] 50% of my holiday decor packed away.

Since I have had time to catch up on some much-needed rest my weekend is open, and I’m not sure what I’m working on.  Since I was given a Micheals gift card I’ve purchased some items to continue work on my Doll Diorama.  I also need to patch some holes [that I made with all the holiday decor] and paint.  My space may be small, but my project list keeps growing.  Here are a few DIY’s that are great if your space is large or small.


[1] IKEA Night Stand + Erin Spain
[2] Copper & Wood Magazine Rack + Table and Hearth
[3] Faux Bar Table + The Desi Wonder Woman
[4] Painted Dish Towels + Mamas Kram
[5] Entryway Bench Seating + Thirty-Eighth Street

Thanks so much for visiting my blog today, don’t forget to “like”, “comment”, and “follow”.  Have a great weekend, and be blessed. — Peace

Elegant Logo Pack Vol3 CC

[Header image + Springs & Co.|Creative Market + collage templates | Creative Market]


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