January 30-Day Mini Challenge

As I mentioned in my Sunday post about New Years Wishes … that I’m not going focus on any new years resolutions because I get an “F” when it comes to following through, but I will parlay some of my goals into 30-day challenges.  What I’m hoping to gain from this is some better life habits, and I’m also gauging how this affects my AIC numbers when I test in March 2019.  The goals are that 1 of these will stick beyond the 30 days, and I can be happy with that.


Are you tired of making resolutions that don’t stick? Try a 30-day challenge with me, and share some goals that you would like to achieve.

Thanks so much for visiting my blog today, and thanks so much for all support and love for my blog in 2018.  2019 is going to be a great year filled with challenges, blessings and good things.  Don’t forget to “like”, “comment below”, and follow. — Happy New Year!

[image :: Fall In Love Bundle + Gabriela Dantur | header :: Ylanite Koppens + Pexels]

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