Happy Blogmas Friday

Hello friends + and happy Friday. So I’m taking a page from blogger Madison Eran from Just M.E. + and yes … I’m officially doing “Blogmas”.  Granted I’m several days late + so this will be my second post related to everything Christmas [my Holiday playlist was first].

This week + work has been busy … it’s what I call + the last hoorah of meetings before everyone basically hibernates for the holiday. I wanted to have most of my shopping done at this point + but I’ve only managed to acquire gifts for 3 people. I also wanted to mail my Christmas cards + and make arm knitted blankets but perhaps I’m taking on just a little too much + which is not very productive. This only creates stress when you can’t complete this massive list you’ve created for yourself. So I’ve just made up my mind that I know I can’t do everything + and everything is not what Christmas is really about + so I’m just not gonna worry about it. With that said … here’s a recap of last week.


CLOCKWISE [1 + 2] I still want to make some arm knitted blankets but maybe I’ll wait to make them so I can take my time considering it’s my first time knitting [3] DIY arm knit technique from the Lily Ardor blog + and it’s the easiest one by far [4] More holiday decor … I’ve had this wooden “Joy” sign for years + and I just love it [5] The collar is working + unfortunately it’s not keeping my cat from pulling the ribbon out of my tree every night [5] My side table decor … everything is from Target and [6] Trinity my youngest devil.

Have you ever had trouble finding that perfect ornament for your tree + well I say if you can’t find the one you like … make one + and here are some ornament DIYs to get you started on your project this weekend.


[1] Tea Light Ornament + Lolly Jane
[2] Floral Ornaments + The Crafted Life
[3] Baby Ornaments + Project Nursery and Junior
[4] Vintage Ornaments + The Scrap Shoppe Blo
[5] Indigo Marble Ornaments + Alice and Lois

If you try any of these ornament DIYs + let me know in the comments.  Thanks again for visiting today.  Don’t forget to “like” + “comment” + and “follow”. — Peace

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[header image Photo by Bruna Branco on Unsplash]

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