Happy Chilly Friday…

Hello everyone … and Happy Friday.  I don’t know where you reside in the world but it’s been chilly here in the DMV + and my joints let me know this each and every day.  I have been doing my best to try to slow down + and not think about everything I have to do + and who I haven’t shopped for.  I just want hot drinks + Christmas music + and to put garland on everything….lol.

This week I actually got to do not one…not two…but three DIYs.  I’m so proud of me + and although work was busy I actually used my planner for what it was made for + and get this … planned out the time that I can work on these crafts + work on my blog + and be active on social media.  It does take some discipline + and I’m taking time off soon + but I can do it.  Nothing but good things this week … so here’s a recap in pictures.



[1] Sugar Pine cones + I got these from Trader Joe’s + they are super-sticky but they smell so good [2] Tried out a DIY by painting the tips white [3] Then I brushed the tips with Modge-Podge + and covered them with fake snow … I’ll link that DIY below [4] I had supplies that I didn’t even know about [5] Made my front door wreath … pics to follow and [5] I FINALLY got my Hearth and Hand tree collar … I love … love this.

Are you working on any DIY Christmas Decor? Comment below + and share what you’re doing.  Here are some Holiday DIYs for the weekend.


[1] Bottle Brush Tree Wreath + HGTV
[2] Fresh Mini Trees + Say Yes
[3] Snow Globe + Mason Jar Crafts
[4] Wood Plate Charger Wreath + Taryn Whitaker
[5] “TRIED THIS!” Snow Covered Pine Cones + Ella Claire

Thanks so much for visiting my blog today + don’t forget to “like” + “comment” + and “follow”.  Stay warm + and have a great weekend. — Peace —

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[signature logo made with Photoshop … I can help you design one just drop me a message + and the image is from Creative Market + Ugly Sweaters Collection.]

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