Holiday Favorites

Hello everyone!  Are you counting down yet + well I’m not as of yet because I’m so not ready for the Christmas Holiday + and I think by the time I’m ready it will be Christmas Eve.  However + I’ve promised myself that I’m not going to stress about what I can’t get done + or the gift’s I forgot + or the decorations I missed.  Christmas is a celebration + it’s time to stop + and slow down + so you can really honor what this day is all about.

This month I’m skipping my November favs [because honestly + nothing has changed since October] … and I’m sharing my Holiday favs.  So here we go.


Wood Slice + Hobby Lobby | There are so many things that you can do with just a simple wood slice. It can be used as tabletop decor + under some bottle brush trees + or candles. You can paint the center with chalk paint to create a personalized quote + or use them as chargers for your table.  If you paint the center of the charger + they can be personalized for each of your guests. They also make lovely cake displays. The possibilities are endless + and it makes a great addition if you’re looking for something rustic for the holiday.

White Pine Garland + Lowes or Home Depot | Nothing says Christmas like hanging some garland. It instantly takes your holiday decor up a notch. Used to frame a window + or fireplace + with some candles + pinecones + and tallow berries … you can really create some beautiful niches for your decor.

Imitation Snow Flakes [not pictured] + Sold all local craft and big box stores | I’ve found a new love for imitation snowflakes + and I just love how they can create a mini-winter scene if you’re making a snow globe + or sprinkled on a table for party decor.

Balsam + Clove Yankee Candle + Amazon | I love how candles can take on the scent of the season + and there are so many scents that make your house smell like Christmas. I like Yankee candles + because they are not too overpowering + and they don’t give me a headache [sorry Bath + Body Works]. You can also find some other great scents like Balsam + and Cedar … and Spicy Pepperberry + and Spruce.

Rosebud Salve + Ulta Beauty | Winter time means my skin [especially my hands] need extra love. I’ve been using the Rosebud Salve off an on over the years + and it’s great for lips + hands + elbows … and any place that needs a little extra attention.

Mrs. Meyers Peppermint Hand Soap + Grove Collaborative | Speaking of holiday scents I love changing my hand soap to match the season. Mrs. Meyers holiday scents are only around for short time so check out the Peppermint + Iowa Pine + or the Orange Clove scent available in the all-purpose cleaner + and dish soap.

Turkish Hand Towels + Olive & Linen | The holiday season means guests + and I never seem to have any nice hand towels + I’m usually using my kitchen tea towels + so if you’re scratching your head about what to give your favorite hostess during the holiday. Try some hand towels with assorted hand soaps + they make a great hostess gift.

Thanks so much for visiting my blog today … don’t forget to “like” + “comment” + and follow. — Happy Holidays! —

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