My Makeup Fav’s for Acne Prone Skin

In my last Wednesday’s post “The Acne Talk” + I mentioned that I would share a few of my favorite items that work well with acne prone skin.  While I love several named brands like NARS + MAC + Smashbox + and Tarte + I’ve found that they just don’t work well with my skin.  Makeup can be fickle + and what may work for me + may not work well for others + so always do a test patch before you commit to anything.

With that said I only stick to a few brands + and they’ve remained in my makeup arsenal + with not much variation … hey if it ain’t broke + I’m not fixing it.  The brands that I use almost daily are Faerie Organic + Loreal True Match + and NYX.  While the later are not cruelty-free they don’t clog my pores + and that’s what I’m looking for.


Faerie Mineral Foundation is a mineral makeup that goes on smooth + and has fantastic coverage.  You can omit your concealer altogether when using this foundation.  When I apply this I don’t start out covering my entire face + but rather dotting my acne marks then blending.  You can also dampen your brush for a really smooth finish.  Then set your face.  This foundation gives my skin a beautiful dewy finish + and I’ve been using this product [satin finish] for 2 years.  If you’ve never used mineral powder + it may take some getting use to + but I simply love the results.  The mineral foundation comes in a matte or satin finish + and a liquid.

Faerie Mineral Foundations formulas are free of bismuth oxychloride + nanoparticles + talc + GMO’s + and parabens. {Source: Faerie Organic}

Ikarian Glow Illuminator is Faerie Organics glow highlighter.  This illuminator is really pigmented so a little goes a long way.  I was always conscious about the acne right below my jawline + so any type of highlighter would accentuate the features that I didn’t want to be shown.  When that area cleared a little I was able to use this illuminator with no additional breakouts.

Loreal True Match Crayon Concealer has been my true blue for many years.  When I could no longer find it at local drugstores I went online + and found that Ulta had it.  I used the crayon concealer before my skin broke out.  I used it during + and I still use it today.  Keep in mind that you can’t really hide a pimple with makeup + because your skin is textured in that area + but I could diffuse a pimple + to make it look less obvious.  I would wear this concealer alone + or under my makeup.  I use now primarily to outline my eyebrows + and give them a finished look.

NYX Born to Glow is the newest member of my makeup arsenal + and it’s light enough to work with my skin. I haven’t experienced any breakouts + or irritation while using it.  I know that everyone’s skin type is different + and sometimes trial and error are a must.  So I’ve used several different things to get down to what’s flattering for my skin tone.

My list doesn’t contain any eye makeup + because I rarely wear eyeshadow + I also didn’t list any blush + and that’s just because I don’t find them flattering on my skin.  I like a clean neutral look + and I want to pare down what I use + and simplify my routine.  So currently … I’m foundation + I’m brows + I’m highlighter + and then I’m done.

Facetune_23-08-2018-23-11-43People would always ask … “Why do you use makeup if you have acne + doesn’t it make it worse”.  Yes … it very well can + depending on the severity of your situation.  When my skin was at it’s worst I didn’t wear anything most days.  However + I had meetings + and work events to attend. I didn’t want people zeroing in on my skin + so I would diffuse my acne as best I could.  To look at my skin every day + and have it be a constant reminder was damaging because I didn’t feel beautiful + and every insecurity I had as a young adult came rushing back into focus.  I know it’s not about being pretty + and it’s the person underneath that matters + but if makeup can give you a confidence boost + then I say … do you.  You are beautiful + and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

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6 thoughts on “My Makeup Fav’s for Acne Prone Skin

  1. Ive never had faux locs! I wanted to get box braids again as I had them once and loved them but my edges are falling out because of postpartum shedding so its a no for now 😦

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  2. Yes that’s why I only get them once a year + because the braids tend to change the texture of my hair + and to give my hair a break because they get heavy as your hair starts to grow underneath + and you don’t want that constant pulling.


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