Happy Black Friday

Hello Friends and Happy Black Friday!  Are you shopping today?  I’m honestly tired from my cooking marathon yesterday.  I feel like I’ve been either in the store shopping for food for something I forgot + and cooking the food.  My kitchen is small so it’s really is a juggling act. Everything came together nicely + and I was able to host friends + and family and give thanks.  What am I thankful for? … I’m thankful that I have a family to rely on when I need them + I’m thankful that I can count my close friends on one hand + for “B” [my daughter] who makes me so proud + and having a partner in all things … “A”.  I didn’t take too many pics yesterday + as I wanted to enjoy family + and spend time just enjoying each others company.

Spring Outfit Ideas Fashion Photo Collage

It seems that time is racing by and December is upon us.  I’m not ready for Christmas just yet + but I need to get my fall decor packed away and organized.  I also want to reset my space from Holiday guest + so that’s also on my agenda next week.  Here are a few organizing DIY’s to get you ready for December.


[1] Wood Cut Letter Holder + Homemade by Carmona
[2] Home Organization Binders + A Bowl Full of Lemons
[3] DVD Organization + Hi Sugar Plum
[4] DIY Backpack Hanger + I Heart Naptime
[5] Simple Storage Bin + Our House Now a Home

Thanks so much for visiting my blog today + don’t forget to “like” + “comment” + and “follow”.  Stay warm + and have a great weekend. — Peace —


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