The Acne Talk

When you think about acne + you think about something that happens to teenagers + and young adults.  I never had acne when I was a teenager + but I did in my early 20s.  I don’t even remember how I got rid of it during that time or how I felt but + I do remember when it came back again in my 30s.  When I turned 49 + it was the worst + and most traumatic that it had ever been.  It was late 2016 + and my breakouts would start off small.  Just a pimple on my forehead + or around my jawline.

I tried my usual arsenal of products but nothing really worked + and my face began to get progressively worse within 3 months. I started to notice more acne + and between March + and July 2017 it blew up.  I felt defeated + and I didn’t really know what to do.  Going out + or to work was stressful + because you feel like everyone is looking at you + or rather looking at your skin.  I had what you would call hormonal acne because it was under my jawline + but it was also on my forehead.  I even had ance broaching my neck area.

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It’s the general assumption when you see people with bad acne to think that they’re not doing anything about it + because of the mere fact that it exists.  In general + it’s a stupid assumption + because when you have acne you’re doing anything + and everything.  The questions that I would get asked by friends and family were worse than the looks I would get from strangers. 

It was always … “wow you’re breaking out really badly” … “have you tried this” + or “have you done that” + or “you should look into this”.  Never assume that people who are dealing with acne aren’t doing everything we possibly can to manage it.  Over time my responses turned to … “don’t you think I’ve tried everything that’s is out there” … “It’s not working!”  Well … actually + I hadn’t tried everything but when you’re using different face washes + acne treatments + or creams + and switching them out every two weeks + you’re not giving the product the opportunity to actually work because you want results.  There are no instant results with ance.  

I mentioned that I did try several things [and I did] + always hoping for a better result.  I tried drug store products like Clean and Clear + I used straight alcohol + and Garnier skin products … all with no results.  I started with Mario Badescu’s ance line + Derma E’s acne line + Alba Botanica + Tea Tree Skin Oil + Mad Hippie Facial Oil + CSI Rose Hip Cleanser … I mean I was all over the place.  Then I began looking at YouTube videos + which is so much content all at once.  I was overwhelmed. I thought the problem was my diet + and some of it was + so water was the only thing I drank.  I thought dairy was also the cause + so I stopped eating all dairy products + and opted for plant-based.  I started taking several vitamins + as instructed by YouTube influencers + and info about acne online like Lysene + Vitamin A + and Zinc.  I did this for 4 months [or longer] and each week a new batch of acne would blow up on my face.  I can remember using lots of concealers to try to mask my problem + and I was so miserable I would literally cry about it almost every night. 

I went to a funeral in August 2017 and my skin was just terrible [pictured above].  I felt really self-conscious about getting to close to my relatives.  While in the hotel room my daughter and I were talking about using a stronger medicine for my skin … Differin Gel [A non-prescription retinoid cream].  I was very apprehensive after reading the reviews + and if you’ve ever read any Amazon reviews you will know why.  So in late August 2017 + I got my first tube + and used it as instructed with a little help from Dr. Dray.  Let me first say that I was very skeptical about everything thinking that this product would purge my skin + and make it worse.  At this point + I just wanted something to work so I just went for it. 

By September I didn’t really notice too much of a change in my acne + but the texture of my skin was changing.  By October + [and I’m sorry I don’t have more images but when you have acne the last thing you want is to be photograped] I was seeing a slight improvement but the acne was still there. By November I was starting to see my skin emerge + but I still had the acne marks [which can be worse than the ance] but it was dissipating + so all was not lost.  December + January I was able to streamline my skincare routine as the Differin was doing its job.  I could use my Bentonite clay mask + and I stuck to the same routine with no drastic changes.  February through April [2018] my skin was clearer [with acne marks that I would mask with make-up + but better].  

I just couldn’t believe what I was seeing … fast forward to now + and while I still have a pimple here and there [I blame me + and the Halloween candy … lol] it’s nothing like what it was a year ago.  The pictures above were taken with no make-up.  My problem throughout most of this process is that I wanted the quick fix + but everything I read was saying the opposite + and I just didn’t want to hear it.  When your 50 with acne + it’s a direct reflection that something is not right.  I was so focused on what I looked like + and the fact that I was older + it made me close my brain to what was right in front of me.  I learned later that the cause of my severe break-out was a mixture of menopause + and the Type 2 meds that I was prescribed. 

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So if your suffering with acne [this is not a plug for Differin] do what works for you + and don’t be afraid to ask questions.  Learn about what may be the causing the breakouts.  Is it stress?  Your period?  Change in diet? … or medication?  There are times when your breakouts can be a result of something that’s happening from your body chemistry changing within.  You can fix what goes into your body + and streamline your lifestyle.  These things can have a major impact on your skin.  I’ve had to change everything I thought I knew about skin care to get to the point where I am now.  As women + it’s hard not to be self-conscious about your skin + or your body + and you can’t just stop this behavior + but I can be curbed over time.

Do you have an ance story? or Are you struggling with your skin? Drop me a line in the comments + let’s help each other.  I know this was a long one + and if you read to the end I love you + and if you didn’t and still came to my page [this doesn’t matter] but I still love you.  Thanks so much for visiting today + and don’t forget to like + comment + and follow. — Peace


Next Wednesday:  Make-up that’s good for acne-prone skin.

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4 thoughts on “The Acne Talk

  1. You progress pictures are incredible! You must be so happy!
    I think we’ve all been in that head space of ‘I’ve tried EVERYTHING’ but there is always something you haven’t tried as there are always new things coming out.
    Finding the root cause of my acne was the way I ended up clearing my skin.
    It took a year to heal my body from the inside but I finally did it 🙂
    It all started by trying something that I had always considered to be a waste of time…
    write a food/skin journal. Within days I identified the cause of my breakouts and then spent the remaining time documenting which food/products/treatments gave me the best results.
    Thanks for sharing your story 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you…for sharing, I wanted to try that but I was at my wits end, and I think that if I had more patience I could have gotten it done. When I eventually go off of the Differin Gel I may have to try that, but I don’t know how my skin will react once I stop using it.

    Liked by 1 person

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