Snowy Friday

Hello Friends … and happy snowy Friday! I can’t believe we got our first snow yesterday. This weather is crazy. I’ve been busy [not busy] + planning for my Mom’s visit for Thanksgiving. Just the moving around of items + and preparing the room has been a task. I know that come January + I must get rid of some things. It was also a busy work week as this is the last week folks are in town before the holiday + so we’ve had double the amount of meetings. I say bring it on + so I can get them over with + and have a nice smooth December.

I also had a benchmark this week with my blog anniversary … and I look forward to sharing more good things in the coming year. Here’s a snapshot of last week.

nov 16 week

Thinking about Thanksgiving … do you decorate your table? I haven’t done a full-blown tablescape but I really want to try something on a small scale. Here are a few ideas for your Thanksgiving table.


[1] Festive Tablescape + Jenni Kayne
[2] Green & Copper Tablescape + Bless er’ House
[3] Autumn Tablescape + In Honor of Design
[4] Classic Table Scape + Style Me Pretty
[5] Modern Thanksgiving Table + Anna Bode

Thanks so much for visiting my blog today + don’t forget to “like” + “comment” + and “follow”. Stay warm + and have a great weekend.


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