October Favorites

Hello Friends … and my how time is flying. We’re not even at Thanksgiving + and already stores + and television commercials are pushing Christmas. I just want to stop and enjoy November before I rush through full-speed to Christmas. With that being said … the cold weather came sooner on my side of the globe than usual.  In October we were at a high of 40 degrees on most days which is lower than the usual 60. I love the cold + but my skin was not ready + so I had to up my moisture game for October.

OCTOBER roundup.jpg

My lips have been really suffering since the cold weather has come sooner + so I’ve basically stopped using lip gloss [which I LOVE] and I’m just using lip balm … day and night.

EOS Smooth Stick is light + and can be used during the day under your lip gloss. I like the coverage but it doesn’t last long [for me].  I use this in my morning and evening skin care routine.

Farmacy Honey Butter is a 100% natural lip balm which I love. This lip balm is my 2nd favorite. The coverage is excellent + and it’s really good for dry lips. This is my go to when I’m outdoors.

Sephora Coconut Lip Balm stays in my work bag. It has a great texture that’s perfect for daytime or for your evening routine. The package is 100% recyclable [which is impressive] and it has a light scent.

Bite Agave Beauty Balm is hands-down my absolute favorite [#1].  I needed a heavy lip balm for night time + and this is it.  I got this in a sample size when I purchased my other balms + and I’ve already gone through the little pouch [my full-sized balm is coming soon]. This lip balm is heavy + but it also heals cracked lips + which I tend to get from time to time when it’s cold. My sample came with a companion lip scrub + but the balm is all I need.

My face is also getting the brunt of the colder weather + and around my nose and under my eyes are always dry + so I’ve switched out my CerVe for a heavier day and night cream.

Mario Badescu Seaweed Night Cream is perfect for the colder temps. It’s a heavier night cream + but it never leaves my skin greasy. Again this is a heavy cream so it may not be good for everyone + if your interested check Ulta Beauty for a sample. My skin is extremely dry around my nose + so this cream is helping to reduce the amount of redness and peeling in that area.

Mario Badescu Hydro-Moisturizer with Vitamin C is my daytime face cream. It’s light enough to wear under my makeup + and the Vitamin C nourishes my skin from the acne treatments that I use + diminishing the dark marks that acne tends to leave behind.

I’ve including the links to all the products in the descriptions but if you would like links to all my favorites [listed on the blog] … check out my “Shop My Wish List“.  As always thanks so much for visiting my blog today … and don’t forget to “like” + “comment” + and “follow”. — Peace —



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