Would You Rather … Fall + Halloween Edition

Personally I’ve never played any of the “Would you rather questions” because I think they’re all tom-foolery + and they also don’t really apply to me.  However this one really grabbed my attention.  Specifically for the Halloween season I searched all over social media looking for lists for my daughter and I + because every Saturday we would sit over our breakfast + and some of these list would spark a really good conversation.

So last year + I finally found one on Tumblr … of all places.  So sit down + get a few friends + have your favorite fall drink + and let’s get down to this “Would You Rather” … Fall + Halloween Edition.

Would you Rather ... Fall Halloween edition.


The list is originally 50 + but I removed a few that were repetitive.  My daughter and I really enjoyed it so have fun with it.  I tried to link back to Tumblr where I found this but the account had been deleted. [FYI – I will always give credit where it is due]

Let me know your favorites in the comments + or include your list + or if you want to know my answers just let me know. If you decide to reblog this make sure to give a link back to Life by Wyetha + and as always thanks so much for visiting today.  Don’t forget to “Like” + and “Follow”. — Peace —

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