September Favorites

Hello Friends + I know I’m a bit late but I’m rounding up my September favorites.  This is my short list of all things that I’ve been enjoying for the past month.  So let’s get started…

SEPTEMBER roundup (1)

Andelou Naturals Turmeric + C Serum | Amazon + I’m at the point where I’ve become kinda picky about serums.  I’m always looking for something that will even out my skin + and help brighten + and fade my acne scars [that post is coming] + but I’ve been enjoying the Andelou Naturals Turmeric + C Enlightening Serum since the end of August + and I simply love it.  A little goes a long way with this serum + and while it’s not instant I do see a difference in the evenness of my skin.

As I Am Naturally Leave in Conditioner | Target + I love the As I Am Naturally line + and my hair loves the smoothing gel + and the curling jelly.  I got this product not just use as a leave in + but to help define my curls on my dry hair.  It’s also good for de-tangling which I never had a problem with when my hair was shorter but now that it’s longer I need all the help I can get.  It has a nice scent that’s not overpowering + it’s a light texture and it leaves no residue or greasy feeling.

Nest Citrine | Sephora + The Nest line has been hit or miss with me + but there are a few that I’m in love with.  One of them is the Citrine scent.  It’s crisp … citrus scent will remind you of summer.  I just dab a little behind my ears and on my back + and wrist. Just a small amount will last through my 8-hour days.

Method Body | Target + Method has really upped it’s game with their body washes. I remember the older bottle being really small + and let’s be real … that little bottle would be gone in a week.  The new packaging sports a larger bottle [which I love] and the scent is much more toned town down than I remember.  It was so strong it would make us sneeze. The Energy Boost has a nice crisp scent.  I’ve also tried the Detox + and the Simply Nourish scent.  My diabetic skin loves this body wash.

Thanks so much for visiting my blog today + if your part of the family … thanks so much for love + if your new to my blog … I’m so glad to have you + take a seat and stay awhile.  Don’t forget to “like” + or “follow” and let me know in the comments if you’ve tried any of my favs. — Peace —

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