Cause It’s Friday!!

Hello Friends!  It’s been so hard to hold my excitement for a day of the week + and I know it’s crazy + but why are people so damn happy about that day [I’m one of those people].  I’ll tell you why + time to unplug + to spend extra hours with your family + to rest and relax + to tackle house projects + or to just do nothing.  Last weekend I did nothing + and I wanted to hit a thrift store but that didn’t happen + and maybe that was for the best because I got everything else done.

This week has been filled with meetings + and rain … but we did have a little break in the weather [even though it was hot and muggy].  Sunlight for me is a gift from above because that means I get to take pictures.  I have a lighting kit but that’s so much trouble.  If anyone were to ask me … “What The One Thing You Need for a Great Photo”… my answer to would always be natural lighting + and a good lens.  I got to take a few of my dolly’s [yes my other hobby] + and some extra pictures for Instagram. Here is this past week in my rear view …

Teal Vintage Salon Themed Party Photo Collage

I’m also excited to hit Michaels this weekend to get some paint + and look at their blanket yarn.  I have this idea in my head that I want to hand-make most of my Holiday gifts this year + but that’s a whole other post.  I finally got around to finishing my painted dipped frames [see above] + and now I want to make some ombre pinecones + I just have to figure out the colors I want to use.  Looking to work on some fall DIY’s this weekend … check these out to get you started.


1. Boho Hanging Ring + The Sorry Girls
2. Pastel Pumpkin Faces + The House That Lars Built
3. Fall Chalk Board Sign + I Heart Naptime
4. Fall Leave Garland + The Sweet Occassion
5. Pumpkin Spice Syrup + Ernest Home Co.

Next week is the beginning of October where I’m starting my own “31 Days of Halloween”.  My mid-week and DIY post will mostly focus on all the fun DIY’s and good eats for the season. I hope everyone has had a good end to the week + and I want to thank you for stopping by today.  Whether you spent 3 minutes or 20 … I appreciate the love.  Don’t forget to “like” + “comment” + and “follow”. — Peace

Elegant Logo Pack Vol3 CC

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