Let’s Work Out!

When it comes to exercise I’m in that below 50% range + because I really dread doing it.  I know that exercise does more than just help you loose weight and tone your body + but it also provides natural energy + helps you sleep + it’s good for your skin + and helps your memory … who can argue with that.  I can’t deny that I love the way my body looks since I’ve been exercising but personally I don’t like anything else about it.

I use to walk + but that’s just plain boring and the very reason why I dread it so.  When I gifted my daughter a Wii [several years ago] I would exercise with the Zumba game which is fantastic because you work each and every part of your body. My overall goal wasn’t to loose weight but to just get moving.  However when you’ve memorized every song and workout … it’s time for something new + so I searched for something with a bit more variety.  Exercise is essential to people dealing with diabetes and it doesn’t matter if you exercise for 15 minutes or an hour + the goal is to get moving.  It’s taken me years to find something that wont impact my knee since having surgery a few years ago.  So I’ve found that a combination of Yoga + Dance + and Weights is the perfect combination … and yes from time to time that Zumba + or that Just Dance Game does the trick.

Here is a short list of my favorite workouts that I’ve found on You Tube and Apple TV.


VIXEN CARDIO | This 30-minute workout is from POPSUGAR Fitness and available on YouTube. I wasn’t ready for this one when I first tried it + but it gets you moving and you will sweat.

DANCEHALL WORKOUT | This Reggae Dancehall Workout is from Keaira LaShae + and by far my favorite. It’s works the abs + legs + the booty + and really helps to relieve the strain on my lower back. There are also different variations so you can work at your own level. It’s also short and sweet + and I can knock this one out after work.

YOGA | I’ve been practicing Yoga [although not faithfully] for the past 5 years + and I can’t deny that I helps my back + my knees and helps me sleep. Yoga by Adriene is one of the many you can find on YouTube + but it’s the one where the exercises are exactly what learned in physical therapy for my back. There are so many varieties of Yoga + and it works for weight loss + for relaxation + it’s good for your posture + and promotes better sleep. Yoga with Adriene is available on YouTube.

I hope these workouts are helpful + and if you do any of them be sure to leave me a note in the comments. Thanks again for visiting my blog today + and don’t forget to “like” + and “follow”. — Peace —

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[weights image | by Ariesa + Pixabey]

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