Friday … Oh Happy Day!

Hello Friends! … and oh what a happy day. It’s Friday + it’s the end of the week + and although it’s hella hot it’s still a great day. Today I want to give blessings and birthday wishes to my favorite person. Happy Birthday Mighty B! I love you for all that you are + for keeping me centered and focused. You are such a beautiful young lady + don’t stop being you.


“I got the beat so all the kids dance with me…me…me…me
Pick em’ up turn around here comes Mighty B…B…B…B”

[yes this is an inside thang between me and my daughter + and if you watched this Nick Toon … you know exactly what it is … it’s just one more thing B and I enjoy together]

I’m also [finally] getting around to some DIY therapy + and since I have one more week of stay-cay … it’s happening. I’m also crushing on these fall wreaths. I made mine some time ago + and I would love to make more but I don’t have space to store them … so I have to keep things at a minimum. Here are a few of my Fall wreath crushes.


1. Fern Wreath + The Charm of Home
2. Modern & Moody Fall Wreath + PMQ For Two
3. Rustic Burlap Wreath + Consumer Crafts
4. DIY Copper Pipe Wreath + Love Create Celebrate
5. Fall Fern Wreath + To Simply Inspire

Thanks so much for visiting my blog today. I hope everyone has a great weekend … don’t forget to “like” + “comment” + or “follow”.  –Peace–

[b-day image + rawpixels + Pexels]

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