Whoo Friday!

Hello friends and Happy Friday!  Is it hot enough … cause damn it’s really hot here in the DMV.  Forget make-up + and looking cute … cause you just going to be a puddle by the time to get to your destination.  It’s been a great week even though I haven’t felt my best.  I’ve been trying to work on a particular project around my place every week leading up to my stay-cation.  This week it was my bedroom closets + and I’ve been decluttering and creating donation piles.  I’ve found a dress that was my mothers + that I though I lost.  I use to be able to wear it when I was in my 20s…then well in my 30s I just couldn’t get into it.  I tried it on this week and I can actually fit back into this dress.  I’m so happy.  I just need to have the zipper fixed and it will be perfect.  I can’t wait to share it when it’s all fixed.


Having some extra boxes + metal shelving + and baskets has really been helping me out with my closet + and I only had to buy one thing which was S-hooks from Amazon for my bags in the closet.  Here are some great tools to help get your closet organized + and in ship-shape.


1. Magazine Files + IKEA
Can be used for everything from curling irons to cords + and yes magazines.

2. Box w/Lid + IKEA
I use these throughout my closet for my camera equipment + my extra make-up + and my meds … and they’re stackable.

3. 3-Shelf Unit + Home Depot
I have two of these + one my hall closet for extra shoes + and one pictured here in my closet with all my decor and camera equipment. It’s great for a small closet + and really adds some organization to this tiny space.

4. S-Hooks + Amazon
These hooks can be used for just about anything you want to hang.

5. Ultra Storage Box + Home Depot
I know they can be bulky + and a pain in the ass + because they require space to have them + but I’ve used them for everything from storage to moving + and I can say that they last a REALLY long time.

I also found some extra craft supplies and lots of yarn + some of which I’m donating +  and I also found my frames last week at the thrift store.  I can’t wait to start some fall DIYS … here are some you might like to try.


  1. Recycle Sweater Sham+ Country Living
  2. DIY Magnolia Pumpkin+ LollyJane
  3. Alternative Fall Wreath+ Country Living
  4. Magnolia Leaf Garland+ Country Living
  5. DIY Flannel Coasters + Juggling Act Mama

Thanks so much for visiting my blog today.  I hope everyone has a great weekend … don’t forget to “like” + “comment” + or “follow”.  — Peace


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