Eating with Type 2

When you have Type 2 Diabetes eating can be tricky.  I still struggle with what I eat + because everything I eat has limitations.  I’ve seen a nutritionist + an education specialist + I belong to a group for Type 2 + and yet I still struggle.  I’ve learned that while this is really good right now … in the long run … this could potentially hurt you.

How do you change your mindset when [in my brain] I think I’m eating the right foods.  I don’t eat out much + and 75% of what I eat is home cooked because clean eating is very important.  For me it wasn’t necessarily what I was eating [ok some of was] but how I was eating.  Do I want those cookies + or can I have some fruit.  Changing that mindset is challenging + and I’ve learned to never deny myself something when I want it + because when I do that + I will start to associate feeling bad with eating well.

Portions are the number one thing for people with Type 2 because your plate should be divided so that veggies take up half [1/2] your plate + your protein is [1/4] + and your starch is [1/4].  Your brain thinks that you will need more food to feel full + even when your body doesn’t require it.  If you eat until your just satisfied + but not stuffed … you get to have some light dessert when your done.

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As I mentioned eating will always be one of those things that I have to constantly learn to re-think because it’s learned behavior. My nutritionist always says … swap that cookie for an apple. That’s easier said than done + because my brain knows the apple is better for me + but it also knows that I’ll get the most satisfaction from that cookie. This tells me that learning to change that receptor in my brain is the greatest challenge. I know if I have that apple as a snack that I will be full + and my carb count will be lower. Some swaps are easy … when I want ice cream + I’ll opt for the pint sized So Delicious Coconut Milk Sandwich. All of these things work in my favor + but once again I have incite change.


Before I started with a nutrition program + I used [and still do] an app called My Plate to help me track my meals + and count my carbs. This really lets me see how many carbs are in a bag of chips + cookies + or that baked potato + and what I can eat to stay under my limit. There is no magic website + or book that + or all knowing Yoda that can tell you how many carbs you should be consuming in a day. I even asked my doctor + and I can’t get a strait answer + because there is no one set of variables that apply. Every person is different + and it depends on your age + weight + gender + and physical activity.


Healthline[dot]com recommends that people with type 2 diabetes should have no more than 45-60 grams of carbs per meal + and 10-25 per snack which is about 135-230 per day. I set my app for 165 grams per day + and can I tell you that it’s really hard to adhere to that number. On most days [4 out of 7] I’m at that mark [or below] but on others I’m over. It’s a constant awareness + and juggling act to stay within that number.

I had to look at grocery shopping in a whole new light. For instance all the healthy items are either where you can’t reach them + or on the bottom shelf + and all the bad crap is eye level.  At least now … grocery stores have a “gluten-free” or a “healthy snacks” isle to make things easier to navigate.  I also had to read A LOT of nutrition labels.  If an item has more than 5 ingredients [ok maybe 6] + I just put it down + or if a snack has more that 20 grams of carbs … I know I can’t have that. It’s daunting [not gonna lie] + and I’ve gone from enjoying grocery shopping to dreading it.  I know in the long-run that a healthier + cleaner lifestyle is best + but it’s not easy … it’s also hella expensive. I also don’t eat any microwave meals or processed snacks. If I treat myself to a cookie + it comes from a bakery … not out of a box.


I know that my outlook may seem daunting + but I’m learning to have a better handle on my eating habits.  Having type 2 diabetes is not a death sentence.  It’s taught me to appreciate food in ways I never thought I would.  I can still have the foods I like + and enjoy what I want to eat but + I have to make sure that I’m always making better choices about what goes into my body.  So while this only scratches the surface + I hope it’s helpful for someone out there who may be struggling.  — Know Thyself

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