July Favorites [roundup]

Hello Friends! August is upon us so it’s time for my July round up. I feel that Summer is a time where I’m sticking to my guns.  I haven’t tried too many new products this month + as I’m enjoying taking it easy. I’m finding that I don’t require any new products as my hair is in a protective style + and it’s been to hot to fuss with a lot of make-up. So enough rambling … let’s get to it.


1. Cantu Root Relief
Since my hair has been in a faux locs protective style for the past few weeks + I’m really loving Cantu’s root relief. It’s not a dry shampoo but a gel that I massage onto my scalp with a warm cloth. The combination of apple cider vinegar + and peppermint really make my scalp feel cool and refreshed. I recommend this for all braided hair styles.

2. Flume + Warm Thoughts
This album has several great songs + but Warm Thoughts is in rotation on my playlist + I listen to it every morning … no words + just music + and it get’s me out of my head.

3. Victoria’s Secret + Coconut Passion Body Spray
Keeping with the lighter theme of a no fuss summer + I’ve really been heavily using this body spray.  It’s a really sweet scent.  Keep in mind it doesn’t last all day but will last longer if you shower right before as most sprays + and perfumes really adhere to the skin. I love this scent + and it’s perfect for the summer.

4. Smoothies
Yes it’s a strange thing + but I’ve been loving smoothies this July. I’m not talking about your Roebeks or Smoothie King smoothies [and they are good] + but a good old homemade one. They are extremely healthy + and provide that heat relief. The possibilities are endless as varieties go + because I make my own. It’s my perfect goto after exercise + or as an afternoon treat. Now I can’t have one everyday because sugar is sugar when you have diabetes + but it’s natural sugar + and I can’t beat that. What I make is simple…just pineapple coconut water + a dark berry frozen mix + with frozen strawberries + a ripe banana + with chia and flax seed … and wallah! Frosty goodness.
[image Kaboompics + Pexels]

IMG_57975. Joules Wellibob Rainboot + Amazon
We have definitely hit the rainy season here in the DC area [it’s been raining off and on for 2 weeks] + and I’ve really needed some rain boots. I did check the stores in person and after my frustration of going to 4 stores including REI + and being told … “their not in season” … I went strait to Amazon.  I found the Joules Wellibob Bootie that come in a variety of colors + and the inside is really flattering.  I would suggest a gel insole to help cushion your feet.  I’m a size 9 + and mine fit great … I know the sizing rainboots can be tricky. I’m told at the shoe store that if a shoe doesn’t come in half sizes the regular size fits bigger.  I love mine + and I will be wearing them in the fall as well.

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