Damn Friday!

Hello Friends! and yes it’s Friday … Happy start to the weekend … Happy start to my stay-cation. Now usually on my stay-cation I always tackle some big project around the house. However … last year + I decided to get some good rest. My daughter and I hit New York for a day + I went to MoMa for the first time + and we went Central Park [oooh the sites…]. This year I do have things to do but I’m reserving them for the 2nd half of my time off. I do have to replace my shower head + overflow cap + faucet + and drain stopper … which should only take an hour but who knows.

Otherwise my days will be filled with getting my house in order + catching up on some reading + visiting with family + and spending time with my daughter who has a birthday coming.  It’s so crazy how time flies … she get’s older + and I just get better [LOL]. I’m also still debating on whether or not I want to get more faux pumpkins or buy real ones. I mentioned before that the advantage to real pumpkins is that you can throw them away when your done vs. finding a place to keep all the faux ones. I’m also looking at some great ways I can trick out some pumpkins. They’re not just orange + and white anymore. Check out these pumpkin DIYs.


1. Cute Faced Mini Pumpkins + Homey Oh My
2. Splattered Pumpkins + Homey Oh My
3. Paint Dipped Pumpkins + Ciera Design Studio
4. Wood Slice Pumpkin + The Kim Six Fix
5. Copper Herringbone Pumpkins + Lovely Indeed

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Good Reads for Fall

Hello Friends! It’s Wednesday and dare I say hump-day [I know … I can’t stand it either] and just 2 and a half days shy of my vacation. I’m already in the Fall mood. Fall is [hands down] my favorite time of year. Bright colors + cool temps + big scarves + crisp leaves + and tasty hot beverages. Still not in the fall mood + curl up and give one of these reads a try. They will surly put you in the mood for fall.


The Secret History + Donna Tartt

The Sparrow Sisters + Ellen Herrick

Fever Dream + Samanta Schweblin

Little Men + Louisa May Alcott

Empire Falls + Richard Russo

Thanks so much for visiting my blog today! + and let me know if you pick up any of these good reads. Don’t forget to “like” + “follow” + or “comment” — Peace —


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