Weekend Ready

Hello friends and Happy Friday. It’s been a rainy + hot + and humid week so I’m glad for the weekend and some reprieve. Last weekend I talked about hitting the thrift stores for a DIY project … in which I had no luck. I visited two and couldn’t find any type of vintage picture frames for my project. I’m hoping to try one more store before I resort to Etsy where I have a few saved in my favorites list.

Lately I’ve really been enjoying my 52 List Journal. Happiness is not a sprint … it’s a long race + and this journal is helping me to understand a little bit more about myself + because your never too old to learn. If your looking to start journaling + jot down your moods + or thoughts try one of these inspirational journals.


  1. 52 List Project + Moorea Seal
  2. Start Where You Are + Meera Lee Patel
  3. One Question A Day Journal + Urban Outfitters
  4. The Five Minute Journal + Urban Outfitters
  5. What If + Motto Journals

Once you start journaling you’ll be able to free up some time + and try out one of these DIY projects this weekend.


  1. DIY Geometric Coasters + Sugar and Cloth
  2. DIY Lumbar Pillow + A Pair & A Spare
  3. DIY Cork Wall Panel + Wild Jesus
  4. DIY Bedside Lamp + Elfenweiss
  5. Modern Sculptural Wind Chime + Sugar and Cloth

Thanks so much for visiting my blog today  + and have a great weekend!


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