I Designed That! HGTV Design Home App

I will admit that playing some gaming apps on your phone is counter-productive but I mean come on … who can resist your Candy Crush + or Candy Crush Soda. Yes I have several games on my phone that I’ve been meaning to delete but as I hover over those apps I think … wait … all my progress will be wiped away + and I end up keeping it. Lately I’ve found a new addiction + and that’s the The Design Home app from HGTV.

This app let’s you style + and design rooms much like a designer + and show off those skills by entering challenges. The game is free to download + but offers in-app purchases for extra cash or “diamonds” which are part of the games currency.


This is what the app looks like as it loads.


You can enter “live” daily challenges from homes and scapes all across the world.  These include … outdoor + and indoor living areas + from bungalows + to condo’s + and mansions.


I start with my message inbox when I open the app to see what challenges have ended and if I’ve won any prizes.  Your prizes in this game are furniture pieces and diamonds.


The shopping cart icon is where you can add furniture to your collection.  The one drawback I see is that when you purchase your furniture with your currency … there is a little number next to it.  That number is the amount of times you can use it in various homes.  Once that number is up you have to repurchase that item if you want to use it again.


When you first sign up you are given a certain amount of cash + keys + and diamonds.  The rest you earn by entering daily challenges + voting + or + making an in app purchase.


Here is a room that I designed where it shows you the prize + how many diamonds you can earn as well as the requirements.  Some rooms require a specific design element.  You are judged on the rooms by other players.


Here is a traditional dining room in progress + I’m trying to select the right table with the amount of money I have to spend.


The game is challenging + but I love it + and I’m always on the lookout for something that can work the creative side of my brain.


In most of the challenges you will need to make sure you add the required elements to your room design.


I’ve only had this app for about 8 days and I’m completely + and totally obsessed. I’m also trying very hard not to make too many in-app purchases … lol.

This post is not sponsored and I give this gaming app an 8.  It’s the perfect way to challenge your home decor skills.  The Design Home app is available on Google Play + and the iTunes app store.

Thanks so much for visiting my blog today. — Know Thyself

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