Summer Wishlist [Round-up]

Yes what can I say … another wish list. But not just any wish list + this one is crafted for summer. Now it may not have specific summer items but everything in my list fits my lifestyle. I don’t require a lot of things but self care + and making my home nice are things that make me feel good. So let’s get to it.



Born to Glow | These highlights are perfect for my skin. I love my rainbow highlights from Ulta but I wanted something to give my skin that golden glow highlight + and I love this palette.

PUR Concealer | I have a hard time finding concealer that works with my skin and doesn’t break me out. I’ve been using Loreal True Match for years + but I wanted to try something new. This was recommended by Paige Danielle. [YouTube] It’s has Ceretin Complects that reflect light away from your skin correcting imperfections . I can’t wait to try this and hopefully it works with my organic mineral make-up.

Physicians Formula Eye De-puffer | I feel like my eyes have been puffy since childhood. Now I know I’m exaggerating but I haven’t found anything that works without leaving my under eye area really dry. Your skin is very sensitive in that area so I only want to use something that’s gentle but get’s the job done.


Yoga Block | Doing yoga over the past 5 years has been beneficial but I’ve never been really consistent until the end of 2017.  It’s not an instant fix but my body is much more flexible + which means less stress on my joints.  I know that I need to get my yoga in every other day + and this block will help to aid me in those poses that can be challenging.

Yoga Wheel | This Yoga aid is new to me + but I’ve heard great things. I’m all about being more flexible and I know with time and patience Yoga can strengthen your core + and ease the pain in your joints and elongate your muscles. It also corrects your posture + and help to strengthen your stability and stamina your other workouts.

Diabetic Living | Since being diagnosed I’ve had a really hard time with curating some creative meals. I know my way around the kitchen but having this aid will help get me past the average meals that can be boring.  Eating healthy for me is a lifestyle + so I want as many options as possible.


ADIDAS Cloudfoam | My Knees + and back are my biggest trouble areas + and I’ve been suffering with the current shoes I’m wearing. Yes summer shoes are cute … flats + sling-backs + sandals + and flip flops are great looking + but they are make for terrible support for your feet + especially for city walking. I had knee surgery [meniscus tear] in 2012 + and I didn’t realize until recently how important good shoes are. I need a comfortable shoe with memory foam which provides the best support.

Sleep Number Pillows | Continuing the theme for my knees + and back … there’s nothing like a good pillow to support your body while you sleep. I’ve awakened with stiff shoulders + a sore back + or not being able to turn my head + because of my sad … sad pillows. Pillows are an investment + and it’s time for me to take my sleep situation more seriously.


Natural Incense | I love good quality incense + and they’re not as dangerous to burn like candles. I prefer the cones to the sticks because they are less messy and the best place to get them is from a store specializing in incense and oils or Etsy [the next best thing]. One little incense in my living room fills my place with an incredible earthy scent.

Incense Burner | I’m definitely picking this up with my incense. These little cones can ruin your best plates or dinnerware + so it’s best to have something to burn them on that’s safe + and especially made for them.

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