The Blogger Wish List

Ok so maybe this title should read … My blogging wish list [emphasis on me]. I’ve been blogging for a while + first on the Blogger platform + and then on WordPress off and on + until I finally said ok … I’m committing to this. During this time I’ve relied on my work PC + and my laptop to get me through all of my writing and research. When you start blogging you don’t need anything but a computer + an idea + and time. However I’ve come to find that a few items would really be helpful. So enter “My 2018 Blogger Wish List”.

I didn’t realize how important a planner was until 3 months ago. My thoughts are scattered + they are literally all over the place + but having a planner would help collect all those ideas into one cohesive place + so when I’m ready to blog + I have direction as to what I’m doing and what day.

Yes…yes I know I already have a Planner list + and that’s essentially a calendar but it’s not the same. I need something for my desk [even though I got rid of my desk] or table-top that I can glance at. I usually always have one for my kitchen + and it just helps me in my day-to-day.

I still haven’t written a thing in my Happiness Journal + but it’s one of those things that requires some thought. Unlike my online journal where I just type whatever comes to mind + I want this to look a bit nicer.  I have my 52 List for Happiness Journal and now I just need to get busy. Having some place to write down my blogging goals as well as life goals is really therapeutic and can help me to vision what I want to do … speak it into existence.

I am the queen of “oops” so even though I love those felt tip flares [which I’m adding to this list] I can’t erase that so a mechanical pencil is what I need. I don’t mind paying more for the body if I can replace the led. This way if I make a mistake or change my mind it’s no big deal.

My marker of choice is always the Papermate Flairs with the medium tip. I know these are on a favorites list somewhere. They are excellent next to [what I consider my top] Micron pens. They hold up really well and they don’t bleed + let’s face it Sharpie’s bleed + but we use them for everything. I need a good pen for writing and doodling and these are perfect.

My laptop is crying right now + because I desperately need another one of these. My last one had 500gb which is great but I’m looking for something beefy. I think 1tb should get the job done. Between the images that I photograph + the Photoshop files + the Lightroom files + the fonts + and the stock images … I’m using a lot of space that could be moved to an external drive. It’s a photographers best friend.

Don’t get me wrong + I’m thankful for my big camera + which took me ages to pay for. It’s gotten me through all of my courses + family gatherings + my dolly shoots + and special events.  It is however … very heavy.  I don’t remember how I carried that every other day. I really need something lighter but with all the features of the DSLR. This camera has been on my wish list for some time + but as I do have something to shoot with [right now] I can take my time.

As bloggers your always using props in your product pictures. I’m usually grabbing something from my kitchen + but it would be nice to have something dedicated just for my blog. Etsy + Michael’s + Amazon + and even Home Depot are the best places to find faux flowers + marble backdrops + and other props to enhance your photos.

Thanks so much for visiting my blog today … and if you want more wish list and round-ups then don’t forget to “follow” + “like” + or “comment”. — Peace

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