Sunday Journal: Home…


I want to talk today about home.  On most days + it’s just so nice to be home + and I’m thankful I have someplace to call home + because there are so many people who don’t.  Whether you have your own place + or your living with family + or roommates … it’s home.  It doesn’t matter if you rent or own … it’s home.  It’s your zen spot + your place of peace.  It’s where you host others + it’s where you eat + play + and think.  When I think about home … it’s everything.  Have you ever heard the phrase “Don’t Shit Where you Eat”.  It means don’t bring your crap + your drama + and all those negative vibes + to place that’s personal … a place where you rest your head + focus + and decompress.  Home is where I work through my drama + it’s where I cry + it’s where I work.  I’m most productive at home.  It’s a place where I can be creative + where I can sing out loud and no one cares.  It’s nap-time during the day + or all nighters with a movie marathon.  In the comfort of + I sometimes get lost + I’m sometimes hesitant to leave it + but when I do + it’s just so good to come back to.

You take care of home + you prep it + clean it + organize it + you nest.  You make it the best it can be.  It’s the reason why home decor + renovation + and DIY shows are so popular.  Everything we do + is to make our home just a bit more special.  Not just for your company that comes + but for you.  It’s why I’m on my hands and knees on the weekends dusting + polishing + and cleaning + because I love my home.

When my daughter and I moved for the 2nd time + it was in haste.  It was a small place + but I made it home + just thinking about it after a long hard day + made me feel warm + and special.  I take care of my home + because my home takes care of me.  It comforts me + it nurtures me + it’s where I’ve been sick … but recovered + here for the good + and bad news … it’s the place where I’m whole.  I’m picky about my home + not just anyone can step into it + but when your invited + it welcomes you with open arms.  There truly is … no place like home.

That’s going to end it for today’s journal.  Thanks so much for stopping by today and visiting my blog.  As always … have a great week + and don’t forget to “Like” + “Comment” + and “Follow.  — Know Thyself

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