Sunday Evening Journal: Chit-Chat … Summer Frame of Mind

I know that everyone is excited about summer + but for me since I’ve been of a certain age + it’s just another time of the year.  Another hot + miserable + muggy time + when the days are long and arduous.  Ok .. that was a bit depressing [I guess] but what I mean is + summer is just like any other time of the year.  When your an adult and you work everyday + you come home + and then you get ready for work the next day. + and that’s pretty much it.  I guess I’ll never be in a state of mind where … because the days are longer you get to hang with your friends in the evening and do things.  Thought vs Reality … my friends work like I do + so after work + they just want to go home + and be still.  They are not really thinking about hanging out unless it’s Friday.  I suppose vacation is something to look forward to in the summer + but that’s precisely the time when everyone else is on vacation + and where is the peace in that … hell you need a vacation to decompress from the vacation.

Summer was more fun is when I was younger + under the age of 15 which I only worked part-time.  I had my whole day ahead of me and so did my friends … the possibilities were endless.  There were parties + and activities because everybody was home + and you didn’t have that 9-5 grind.  Sigh … “When I Reminisce Over You + For-Real”.  No one ever worried about the time + or the need to be anyplace.  Those are the summers that I miss. When you didn’t care about how hot it was until you actually got outside + when the mall was the place to hang out + and getting something simple like shakes or ice cream turned into an event.  Going to the movies took on a whole other meaning when I was younger.  It was just a different time.  A time that I fully enjoyed.

Fast forward to now … it makes my heart weep.  I wish I could enjoy summer  + but trying to loosen the grip seems impossible. When it’s 98 degrees in the shade + and the humidity is 99% … what’s good about that.  I hear people say all the time when I’m commuting … “When I asked for summer … I didn’t ask for this” + or “It’s so miserable … is this what DC summers are like?” … in a nutshell … yes.  “I want the sun to rise and set in everyone’s living room who’s been begging for summer all winter long”. [KrissyChula + YouTube]  I guess it’s just my frame of mind.  As an adult summers were about child care + summer camp + short vacations + play dates … and always rushing.  I just want to slow things down a bit + so I can enjoy the good and bad about it + and not sweat the small stuff.

Now that’s what summer should be like … and on that note I’ll end this chit-chat.  If it sounds a little like a rant I do apologize.  It’s been blazing hot for the past three days + and I can’t think strait.  I do want to thank everyone for stopping by the blog today + have a great week + and stay cool.  Don’t forget to “like” + “comment” + or “follow” this blog. – Peace

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