Evening Sunday Journal: Chit-Chat | Weekend Festivities + Blogging

Good evening lovelies.  I hope your Sunday evening is going well + and I hope everyone had a great weekend.  This weeks post is late + and it’s unusual for me to chit-chat in the evening I’ve only arrived home late afternoon from my weekend which was lovely.  I went to a wine tasting and jazz fest in our area + and let’s just say there was a lot of tasting + and plenty of drinking.

Now I’ve been to a tasting before where they line up about 10 different wines + and they take you through this pallet from fruity to bitter or bitter with chocolate and that’s great.  However this tasting was from all the local wineries throughout the Maryland and Virginia area so it wasn’t just 10 different wines but at least 15 different wineries with no less than 12 different varieties of wine.  I mean sweet Sangrias, Moscato’s, Pinots…several Reds + and all types of fruit infused wines from peach to blackberry to melon I mean just everything.  It was a bit overwhelming but I mean … who are we kidding + it’s wine.

Screen Shot 2018-06-24 at 7.22.43 PMThere were also all types of local food trucks because this took place at the harbor so from seafood to barbecue they had it all.  The festival didn’t get rained out which was great but the other extreme is that it was hella hot.  I also got to listen to some really good local jazz artist there were vendors with handmade jewelry and just about everything you could think of from skincare to clothing … this festival was a great way to kick of my summer + and I’m someone who runs and hides during hot weather.

Even though the weekend was great + what weighed heavy on my mind was that I didn’t post a blog before I left.  Now I know it’s a small thing to think about + but I always feel neglectful when I don’t post.  I know there are thousands of blogs here + and sometimes bloggers or content creators loose a bit of steam when we are trying to enjoy summer  + festivities + and friends.  We don’t want to be stuck behind a computer all summer talking about what we might do … we want to get out and do it.  I made a promise to myself when I started blogging again that no matter what + I would push through and not give up.  That I wouldn’t get lazy  + and then be envious when I see other blogs thriving.  In my headspace I’m thinking … that could’ve been you but you gave up … you didn’t press on just because you didn’t get any likes last week + and you got discouraged + or some other excuse.

I’ve learned that getting love from my friends and followers is wonderful + and you want those likes and follows because you can gauge your content and give your readers something that they’ll like. But at the same time + it’s when your not getting the likes is when you should press on.  Maybe it’s when you do your best work and learn to persevere + maybe it creates momentum + or maybe you go back to the drawing board to see what makes your heart sing + so you can give your readers some [meat] substance.  I blogged for several years with the same few people always giving me feedback + and I never really asked for more because I was blogging for the love of it + and not for the number of likes.  I guess it boils down to quality instead of the quantity + because if you love what you do … nothing else matters.

Thanks so much for visiting my blog today and thank you for taking the time to read my rambles … Have a  fantastic week + and don’t forget to “like” + “follow” + or “subscribe” so you can stay up to date on all of my post.

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