Happy Holiday Weekend!

What’s not to love about a holiday weekend + a nice relaxing day off with friends or family + maybe some barbecue [yes it’s grilling-cook-out-season] + or a an event in your city … and did I mention the sales.  Just about every store + online or otherwise is having a sale + so you you just gotta love a holiday weekend.  It’s also the cusp the summer + so if you like the season … every weekend from now until October will be excellent for you.  Here’s what’s out + and about this weekend.

new books

The High Season [Judy Blundell]
The Outsider [Stephen King]
Anger Is A Gift: A Novel [Mark Oshiro]

movies Solo: A Star Wars Story
The Gospel According to Andre
How Long Will I Love You
In Darkness
Mary Shelley
The Misandrists
Summer 1993
Who Are We Now

Thanks so much for taking the time to visit my blog today + I hope everyone has a safe weekend + and don’t forget to “like” + “follow” + and “subscribe”.updatedsignature

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