“Sunday Tea”// Chit-Chat: I’m So Thankful [part two] + Please Don’t Let Me Be Bitter…

Hello Friends … Happy Sunday!  I know that I touch on this every time I write but I can’t seem to stress enough that … damn!  I’m thankful … and I’m referring to the small stuff.  Yes I thank God for my many blessings … my child being safe + the health and welfare of my parents + good friends + my job + and things like that.  But for once I want to acknowledge the small stuff that I sometimes take for granted everyday + and while it may seem silly [because some of it is] + I am truly grateful for it.

So yes thank [You]…

  • For my empty seat on my train ride to work + where I can read and get lost in my book + and not deal with the stress of overcrowded trains
  • Thank you for the one box of cereal on the shelf that’s healthy that I can actually eat + because cereal for me is not breakfast + it’s a tasty treat
  • Thank you for the curse words that I didn’t utter when I got bumped on the sidewalk because the other person was looking down at their phone.  We all know how important your phone is to you + but I swear if people could marry it … they would … and most of all
  • THANK YOU … for the Monday where my boss was away at meetings all day long +  so I didn’t have that annoying popping into my office + to discuss things like … “Hey I noticed all the clocks in the office are at the wrong time … can you go around and change all the clocks to the correct time” … only [God] knows how much it means to me to have no annoyances.

Moving on … I want to talk a little bit about being bitter.  I know someone [let’s just call her Mrs. X] who’s never happy about anything.  If there is something out there + she’s tried it + done it + and seen it.  Keep in mind that Mrs. X is older + so I would imagine that in her lifetime …  she has seen a lot.  However + seeing a lot over time shouldn’t make you a bitter person + but hey … what do I know.

Let’s give a scenario … Mrs. X and I were talking one morning + as I use to see every morning + but I’ve purposely changed my schedule so I don’t have to. [ok I’m a horrible person]  Let’s say we’re talking about a restaurant.

Wye: Have you been to La Madeline in Old Town … that place has good comfort food + and the service is excellent
Mrs. X: I don’t eat out much + no one wears hair nets + and I don’t want any hair in my food
Wye: Servers don’t wear nets because they don’t prepare the food + you know they only bring it to your table + and sometimes garnish it
Mrs X.: Well I don’t like it + I don’t want my plate touching up against them and then + hair getting into my food + and I can’t see them prepare it + because no one is clean … I like to make my own food at home … so I can see it + touch it + and wash it + and I don’t eat anything that’s not my own … I don’t trust anything.

So I’m thinking to myself [what can of worms have I opened] this was a little heavy for morning conversation since we’re outside all of 6 minutes waiting for the bus.  However + I didn’t let that negativity sway me from talking to Mrs. X.  [I really need to learn to trust my instincts a bit better].  Another thing that stuck out to me was every time she alighted the bus … Mrs. X has something to say.  Most people alight the bus and say “Good Morning” … “It’s a great day” or “Happy Friday” … ya know … shit like that.  Mrs. X however alights the bus with the following …

Why are you late…
Why is this bus so slow…
I don’t like this bus…
I hate this step up…

Are you going to lower these steps or what
[city buses kneel for people that can’t make that step up]
It stinks on here…

I mean it’s always something negative.  A funny story about that … and yes here’s some tea … I had been avoiding Mrs. X for quite some time [one month to be exact] but one day there she was … waiting + talking to a friend of mine.  She mentioned to me that she was late because the bus just left her.  She said “I came out … waved at the bus driver to hold the bus + and he looked right at me and pulled off.  Then she says + I know he saw me + and I’m thinking + I know he did too. [LOL] Now … I didn’t laugh right away + I took this information home to “B” and we were in tears laughing + because I know that bus driver saw her coming and said to himself [screw that shit + I’m not dealing that woman today] and kept it moving.

She also thinks that all the management in the building where we live is evil + and that they purposely don’t cut on the air or heat to make us miserable. She says to me “they have a button in there and they can just push it to cut on the air or heat”.  I’m thinking does she think it’s like a Mission Impossible style button they’ve got under the desk + she can’t really believe that … but in fact she does.

Now … a bit of knowledge here … larger + older buildings [hi-rise condos] that switch from heat to air can’t run both at the same time.  You usually have a convector unit which runs this service.  By Virginia state law heat must be switched on by the end of October [no matter the weather] as air must be turned on by mid-May.  Now I know a little about boiler rooms because my dad was an engineer [at a University] and spent most of his time in one.  There is a switch or a series of them so it’s not just something that’s instantaneous.  Management is not keeping this from tenants to be vicious.  Condominiums do these things to protect themselves from liability.  You know folks love to sue people + so management can’t just do things because they want to + there are protocols in place. Now because Mrs. X is older + I have a certain respect for her + I’m not going to disagree to a point that gets her riled up + or to a point where I say something that I mean but didn’t intend to say.  So when she’s on a rant + and telling me “this is the worst place I’ve ever lived” … I tend to go blank and ignore it and just nod my head. I feel the best thing for this is just to avoid her + and when I do see her keep the conversation lite.

Now you may think that this story is a tall tale + I wish it was just the creative side of my imagination … I couldn’t make this shit up if I wanted to + and this is just the tip of ice burg. Once again I have changed the names to protect the innocent + this IS a true story + and one that’s ongoing. You know us bloggers have a need to share + as this is my sharing today.  I guess the moral of this story or + what I’m getting at is … I don’t want to be so head-strong that everything pisses me off + or makes me negative. Like angry feelings rising up to bite me like heartburn.  I truly believe that people can be good + and do good things + and I guess if I had the same type of thinking as Mrs. X + I would hate everything too. I think about this because I’m older and set in my ways + but I don’t think that I’m too old to learn from others + and gain insight about new cultures + and experiences. Life is this journey that we are all here to partake in + and I don’t want to miss anything while I’m choking on that bitter pill of anger.

So this ends my tea today + thank you so much for visiting my blog and spending some time with me this Sunday. Don’t forget to “comment” + “like” + and “subscribe”. Have a fantastic week friends…


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