February [wrap up]

February [wrap up]

Well here we are again + at the end of the month. Yes Fabulous February is ending + and I feel like we’ve had no real winter.  50-60 degree days are not winter + it’s pneumonia weather + with a side of cold and flu. I was hoping it would go back to cold so I can get at least one continuous week of 35-40 degrees and sunny.  Sigh …live to dream [and I’m doing it again…rambling]…so let’s get into it.  Here is glance into the month of February on the blog.

” The Tea” // Sunday Journal Entries: Chit-Chat is a weekly spilling of everything that revolves around life + relationships + family + and love.

Weekend Pamper Routine | A “Pamper Me” routine for my weekend.

Valentines Day | My V-Day inspired movie list + and musings for the day

Branding Board | This posted on January 31 + but I’m still including it in February.  I created a branding board for my site to help me envision the overall look and feel of my blog.

January Favorites | A short list of products I loved to use in January.

January Wrap Up | A months worth of blogging wrapped up nice and neat.

Friday Quotes | I started my Friday Quotes to get some inspiration and wrap up my week with something positive.  Sometimes the work-week leaves me drained + and these quotes help me gain perspective and insight. [#2] [#9] [#16] [#23]




“The Tea”// Sunday Journal Entry … Chit-Chat: My Family Doesn’t Know

“The Tea”// Sunday Journal Entry … Chit-Chat: My Family Doesn’t Know

Ok it’s not what your thinking … I love blogging and all that it has to offer but I’ve been really hesitant about sharing the fact that I blog with my family and some friends.  A few close friends know + my daughter + and my lovely readers … and that’s about it.  Am I hesitant … absolutely + because some of these post deal with family members + and past relationships + or [boyfriends].  I’m not sure how they deal with their stress + and demons + but my therapy is writing about it.  I write publicly + and privately.  I haven’t really given much thought on how comfortable [certain] people would be about me sharing the worst parts of them with the world [essentially].  I’ve mentioned in a previous post that … I don’t believe these are terrible people + it’s quite the opposite.  Were they bad partners? Hell yes.  Poor at relationships?  Hell yes [at that time].  The mere fact that I still remain in contact [with some] is a testament to this.  I don’t solely blame them for how I was treated in said relationship + I blame myself as well for allowing it to happen because I didn’t want to be alone + or always argumentative + or combative + so I kept shit to myself.  I was looking for all the right things in all the wrong people.

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