My Branding Board

I love blogging, and it takes up a good chunk of my time.  I don’t see it as a chore but a challenge to give you content that I think will benefit you in some way.  I don’t get a penny from blogging, however, the reward is sweet.  That’s not to say that someday I wouldn’t want to parlay it into something else but that’s one of those peppermint dreams.

I never understood the real purpose of a branding board until recently [meaning the last 3 years].  Its purpose is to tie in your style, colors, or logo’s and help define what you want your company, website, or your “brand” to look like.  [yes it’s a professional Moodboard…the clouds just parted here] I’ve been working on a branding board for this blog for ages.  It’s been hard to find my type of style or exact content because sometimes I feel like I’m all over the place, and the only thing bringing sanity to the insane is a little board.  No one want’s to define themselves as just one thing… [nobody puts baby in a corner]… You want to be able to broach different subjects and do different things so my style will change, and my content will morph, but I will ride this thing till the wheels fall off…and somewhere in the distant future I’ll still be blogging about my peppermint dreams and lollipop wishes in the adventures of my so-called-life.


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