My Branding Board

I love blogging + and it takes up a good chunk of my time.  I don’t see it as a chore but a challenge to give you content that I think will benefit you in some way.  I don’t get a penny from blogging + however the reward is sweet.  That’s not to say that someday I wouldn’t want to parlay it into something else but that’s one of those peppermint dreams.

I never understood the real purpose of a branding board until recently [meaning the last 3 years].  It’s purpose is to tie in your style + colors + or logo’s and help define what you want your company + website + or your “brand” to look like.  [yes it’s a professional Moodboard…the clouds just parted here] I’ve been working on a branding board for this blog for ages.  It’s been hard to find my type of style or exact content because sometimes I feel like I’m all over the place + and the only thing bringing sanity to the insane is a little board.  No one want’s to define themselves as just one thing… [you can’t put baby in a corner]… You want to be able to broach different subjects and do different things + so my style will change + and my content will morph + but I will ride this thing till the wheels fall off…and somewhere in the distant future I’ll still be blogging about my peppermint dreams and lollipop wishes in the adventures of my so-called-life.



“The Tea” // Sunday Journal Entry: Chit-Chat: Why Are We Meeting + I Tried and Failed

“The Tea” // Sunday Journal Entry: Chit-Chat:  Why Are We Meeting + I Tried and Failed

When I think about meetings my mind wanters to work related matters + it’s the boil on the but of humanity [Steel Magnolias, Shirley MacLain. 1989].  Pointless time waisted + held hostage by your meeting host because they like to hear themselves talk.  So when my daughter said “Let’s get this meeting started” …I chuckled because I wouldn’t have been that enthusiastic for anything else.  Home meetings can be a fun + and therapeutic process.  My daughter and I daydream and plan all the time + but it’s never an official thing.  We talk everyday but we come up with the best stuff during Saturday morning breakfast where we stretch it out for a few hours and just share ideas and daydream about what could be in our real and imaginary world.  Last Saturday we had our “official” house meeting.

Not just to talk but to come up with a better home organization plan to streamline our days and make our pets lives a little easier because they’re older and require a bit more attention.  I’m a daydreamer by trade and I love to come up with ideas and create boards so planning is my thing + but in executing the plan sometimes I fall short because life happens and those things you wanted to do + never come to fruition because other pressing matters move to the front of the line.  My belief is … the beauty of organizing and decorating your home is never ending.  Your house is never going to be totally complete because times change + and you change + and the needs that you had a year or two ago morph and you need to adjust and adapt to changes.  What I’ve also found is that making changes unilaterally and not including the needs of everyone in your home doesn’t make for a smooth transitions.  So I make it a point of including my daughter in most of what I do because change affects everyone.  So yes our 4 hour meeting [which included several breaks] went well + and we can go into this year knowing that we have a plan + and hoping to see it through with no stress. Continue reading ““The Tea” // Sunday Journal Entry: Chit-Chat: Why Are We Meeting + I Tried and Failed”