Get It Clean :: Subscriptions

Get It Clean :: Subscriptions

It seems like you can get everything now via a monthly or weekly subscription + from snacks + to meals + to beauty items + there is something for everyone.  I use to get the Onyx Beauty Box which was gifted to me but I never used everything in it.  It was great trying out new products + and what I didn’t use I would just give to a friend + but it was still wasteful because I still have things from that subscription that was cancelled at least 6 months ago.  While watching my regular YouTube videos  I got turned on to Grove Collaborative by YouTuber “Love Meg”.


Grove Collaborative is an online subscription service that has products for your home + personal care + and items for baby and kids.  I signed up at the end of August and got my first order in September + and let me tell you + nothing has gone to waste.  Now I’m not a cleaning fanatic + but I’m a sucker for cleaning products (dare I say hoarder).  At Grove Collaborative I can get the “earth-friendly” brands at much cheaper prices than I would find in the store + and my deliveries are scheduled once a month.  They carry all the popular brands like Ms. Meyers + Seventh Generation + Method + and Kiss My Face…etc.  I also got some really nice cleaning accessories.  Through Grove Collaborative I have a $10 credit for all new customers + so it’s definitely worth checking it out at

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Journal Entry // “The Tea”…Chit-Chat: Holiday Stress, Work, Self-Love

Journal Entry // “The Tea”…Chit-Chat: Holiday Stress, Work, Self-Love

Oh what fun the holidays can be + or not. Post Thanksgiving and I’m so damn glad it’s done. It wasn’t the stress of cooking but traveling + driving + arriving + being the designated driver…breathe.  Relatives nervous about riding + but always want shotgun + and conflicts about where to go + and what to do …breathe.  People wanting you to sightsee and your driving….breathe.  I could feel my shoulders tensing as I’m complaining…breathe.  Now I have stress in my shoulders and back I slept so uncomfortably the first few nights….breathe.  Driving on a trip that was supposed to take 7 hours + but took 12 because of traffic…breathe.

We always say that next year were gonna do things differently + like not staying with family so we can have our evenings alone to decompress and relax so you don’t get that relative that wakes up at 5:30am + making noise and expecting that everyone else is also awake…..Yeah my holiday was kinda like that + however I remain positive + I miss and love my family + and its always fun talking + and reminiscing over a delicious meal.  Time off and and memories are priceless.

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Bathroom Update!

Screen Shot 2017-11-28 at 10.58.41 PM

Bathroom Update

The time has finally come + I’m getting a bathroom make-over on a small scale which makes my heart sing.  My bathroom is in dyer need of help + it’s an old 1980s style bathroom with some issues.  Now I can’t get everything pictured on my style-board + but the owner has agreed so some small updates that will really make a difference and breathe some life into this small space.

What’s on the list…

  • New vanity
  • New fixtures
  • Shower kit with rain shower
  • Overflow cap
  • Paint (I haven’t chosen the color yet but what’s on my board really pops and gives the bathroom a mid-century modern look)

What’s not on the list…

  • New tile and flooring
  • Bathroom Mirror

My dream board is the ideal bathroom so to complete the look I’m adding in lighting + a toilet handle + towel bar + and shower curtain bar to match the fixtures + new rugs + and a shower curtain.  Fingers crossed I’m hoping the update will be done by the end of January.  There will be another update in December.  Thanks so much for visiting!