Side Project: A Little Extra

As fate would have it there just wasn’t time to get to my shelving, as you know #reallife comes a knocking, and I couldn’t get to where I needed to get my supplies. + So I searched around my place to see what had on hand.  I wanted to attach some hooks to one of the walls…yes to hang things but basically they would be purely decorative. + I found some drawer knobs that I never used and I thought those would work because they were small enough to pull off being a modern style hook.

Again another easy project to get some things off the floor and these knobs work for that purpose. + I just measured where I wanted them to go (about 4″ apart), and far enough from the floor so things actually have the appearance of hanging. + Hot glue was all I needed to make this work and I was basically done.  Here’s a recap of how this side project turned out.









Thank you so much for stopping by, and come back next Sunday for more miniature decor DIYs on The Dollplace Project.

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