Project #6.2: Little Details

It seems that nothing goes as planned when I’m working on my little diorama. + I know what I want to tackle next but things happen beyond my control so I can’t procure what I need to make that particular project happen. + I always assume that giving myself a week can work in most instances, but when items take a week to arrive I have to shift and try something else. + What also happens is the idea in my head doesn’t translate well once I see it, and touch it. + There are so many factors when it comes to completing some of the projects that I have planned. + Even though I can’t always do what I want I always want to tackle something, no matter how small. + So here’s a re-cap.

TASK #1: Lighting
I got these cute metal indoor/outdoor string lights from Michael’s. + The allure was that I could remove the lantern and use them individually. + You may be wondering…why not just string the lights and hang them all. + There are 10 little lanterns to a string, which is too many. Hanging them all will crowd the space leaving little to no head room.


Lanterns1_text copy

My idea was to use some tea lights (I have on hand) in place of the string light, but when I paired them together, they were awkward. I could glue the light to the lantern and affix that to the ceiling, but that leaves me no way to access the on-off switch once hung or the battery.

DSC_6589-2 copy

Screen Shot 2017-04-01 at 5.56.27 PM

Ok that’s problem, but the solution is individual LED lantern light.s + The light has a hook at the base so I can use the same C-hook or wire (after I fill the holes in the ceiling) to suspend the light. + Amazon does have them (great!) but it means more waiting for that to arrive, so the lights will be waiting until next weekend.

Task #2: Mini Flower Pots
I decided to maximize headroom in the space by not hanging the plants as I had planned but, creating a faux living wall using the plants that I got for $1.99 from Michael’s. + I already had everything on hand. + I pulled the plant from the pot, glued them to my chalk wall, and added some rocks which I had on hand. + I got some inspiration from Pinterest to add some hand lettering for spring, and that’s it! + Now I have a faux living wall that can be swapped out whenever I decide to change the decor.


The succulents pulled from the mini pot

chalkart_text copy

Adding some hand lettering




Thanks so much for visiting my blog + and come back Sunday as I finish my lantern lighting on the Dollplace Project.

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