Project #10 (Continued) “It’s a Box…Uh it’s a Chair”

Yes my chair is coming along, but it does resemble a box. + I didn’t realize how difficult this would be until I started cutting the pieces. + So last week I cut all of my pieces, but when I wanted to put them together it still wasn’t right, so I went back and recut more pieces. + Even what I measured, and measured again seemed off, so once I got the basic structure down, the rest started to come together. + I still think my measuring is a bit off, but the real test comes when I take my measurements to the hardware store to ask them to cut everything down. + Then I still have to figure out how am I putting these pieces together. + I think a nail gun may be too much for the plywood (that’s what I want to get, because I’m covering this chair) but I will just have to see how it goes. + I’m just figuring this out via trial and error. + One good thing because it’s my creation, it fits my doll perfectly because I measured one doll but actually used another doll to test the chair, and the size is perfect. + I’m not too bothered by the appearance now because this is just a prototype.

So my next step is to actually draw some specs, and measure everything one more time, then take my specs and have my wood cut. + After that I’ll order my faux leather fabric. + I have batting on hand from several projects in the past. + I will also pick up some nails for my nail gun as well.

Here is what it looks like so far…






So again I know it looks awkward because it’s foam core, but I know the wood will look 10 times better, and once it’s covered with fabric, it will really look like a real chair.

That’s it for this weekend + Thank you so much for stopping by, and come back next Sunday for more miniature decor DIYs on The Dollplace Project.

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