Let’s Work!

I know it’s been like’ forever-ago since I’ve posted but I have been busy doing nothing + well not really nothing + I’ve been taking lots of pics with the Mamiya 645 + and experimenting with my planned project for my independent study + for the most part…loading the film correctly and removing the metal plate seem to be my only struggle + which means there are more to come.  I did process some pics in the darkroom last week and I wanted to share my first negs which are not bad + I did have a bit of trouble with the fixer because it’s recycled it’s usually pretty weak so I think I processed this particular roll to death.

Film Strip 1034


So Long Farewell…It’s Time to Say Goodbye….

Yes it’s over + on Sunday night I felt like a free man going away to prison + the prison of paperwork + mindless meetings + and people that think everything they do is important + yes I would be talking about work + I haven’t blogged in at least a week + since my stay-cation began on last Friday + While I  I had no big plans I wanted to get as much done around my place as possible + so I’ve included a little slide show of how I spent my wine-filled-waking-up-after 9am-mornings + and my achy-back-nights + and if I had it to do over + I probably wouldn’t change a thing.  Since I’ve been struggling with the Mamiya + I only used my phone for this brief slide show.

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I didn’t snap everything + I just had no time + I did manage to hang all new blinds in every room with a window + fixed my broken trash can drawer (between wine) + threw away everything I possibly could + finally got 120mm film + and photo paper + got my cats new beds, bowls and scratching posts + and well that’s enough for now + it’s been a great week + and I can’t wait till my next stay-cation.