I Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’

It’s been all about my Independent Study project + of which I have no idea what I’m doing right now + and my proposal is void + but the good news is that my school is ever so helpful + since I knew I wanted to concentrate on my darkroom technique + and I wanted to work on 35mm as well as 120mm I got a untitled-3368sweet loaner to practice on + yes it’s a Mamiya 645 + which I was very hesitant about because of how the film loads + I just wanted to get a cheap Fujica Rangefinder style camera + that loaded like a 35mm with a fixed lens + but taking the recommendation of my classmates + and stepping up to the challenge + I decided to work with the behemoth + the Mamiya is heavier than any camera I’ve ever used + I was up until 1am this morning trying to figure out how to load it + while wasting some expired 120mm film from 2 years ago + oh what fun + and I just love the challenge of figuring out the camera + the more I get stuck on a function + the more I read + and the harder I work to figure it out + processing will be another  challenge separating the paper from the film + but I’m up for it + and I’ve already ordered 4 rolls of 120mm film + and some Ilford Pearl finish paper + I just can’t wait to start something.

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