Friday Tracks

As summer winds down + and September approaches + I start to appreciate my quiet evenings + I’m not ending it with a “bang” but on an even note + I can’t even give it a high note at this point + with my bathroom still being worked on and all my other summer projects and issues + I also have a proposal due for independent study + and no medium format camera purchased to start my independent study project + all I can do is just close my eyes + pour a nice big glass + and end this week with the smooth sounds of Nancy, Ella and the ladies of jazz  + what’s on my playlist…

  • Ella at Duke’s Place
  • Jazz Ladies (Fitzgerald + Vaughan + McRae) Note:  This is one is a reblog from 2 weeks ago + however when you love something you just can’t get enough of it + so it’s always on my playlist
  • The Best of Nancy Wilson
  • Nancy Wilson / Cannonball Adderley

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