It Was All a Dream…

I had high hopes that this pipe relining project that my building is  undergoing in the bathrooms would work out fine because the kitchen went smoothly — 3-days no issues +  However, it was all a dream  + Our bathrooms were not only delayed one week but now mid-way through the project + yet another snag. While the contractors were working on the bathrooms yesterday I found it curious that no one was working on the tub + so at the end of their day (around 3:30pm) I inquired + so…”when will you start working on the tub and shower” + and I was dutifully told that “we found asbestos behind the shower wall in the unit above you – so we have to stop at this point and let the other team come in to abate the situation”.…BLOODY BRILLIANT + DAMN-HELL.  I’m so sick and tired of this S&*t with this building + I’ve had every summer for the past 4 years interrupted by pipe work in some area or another that results in us having no AC or no water + I’m just about past my breaking point + because how long do you expect people to go without.  It’s not like the cable’s out or something this freaking water + so simple yet so essential.  I want to remain diplomatic about the process because I know it has to be done + I know (for the most part) they don’t know what’s behind the wall but asbestos….really? You would think that a building built in the late 60s would have been checked from top to bottom for this issue because of how severely it can impact one’s health.  Call me frustrated right now + and shove me into vacation….pretty please.

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