I think the creative use of fonts can make anything beautiful + you can give photo’s + flyers + and just plain backgrounds a really cool look that mimics today’s commercials + and advertisements.  There are no rules + no design experience necessary + and the feel is really relaxed + and homemade.  All you do is imagine what your finished product can look like and start playing.  For the most part fonts today are free + via dafont + fontsquirrel + and fontspace.  As long as you’re not selling the font as your own + and your using it on your personal creations + you can use most of the fonts found on free sites.  Even if you decide to use fonts on your packaging + logos or design + you can purchase them for a minimum of $29 which will gives you use of the font (with some limitations) for your project.  The possibilities can be endless + if you can think it + you can create it.

My Featured Fonts this week….(Zebra + Sketch Block + Amatic)



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